Each small business essentials course, [101 Fundamentals & Foundations, 201 Setting Up for Success and 301 Diversifying Your Small Business] includes 4+ hours of video education to help you learn the essentials of growing your small business. Choose the course that's right for you or bundle all of them for a great small business foundation.

Foundations & Fundamentals

Fundamentals & Profitability in Business

Business is just a hobby unless you're making money. Learn how to get to profitability quickly. 

Social Media Growth & Conversion

Harnessing the power of social media, growing your brand and converting followers to customers.

E-Commerce & Reaching More Customers

Finding the right e-commerce platforms, accepting payments and shipping your products.



Goal Setting & Time Management

Learn to set realistic goals for your business and how to manage your time so you can maximize your productivity.

Investing in Yourself & Your Business

Learn how and where to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur and your small business to maximize your resources.

Tools of the Trade for Small Business

Learn what tools, apps, products, software and resources can help you run your small business effectively and efficiently.



Just Do It: Accountability & No Excuses

Let Mary help you kick your small business into gear and set yourself up to win with accountability.

Ways to Diversify Your Income

Learn to find new streams of revenue for your small business with existing and new skills.

Ways to Grow Without Social Media

Discover other ways to grow your audience and customer base outside of social media.


Grow Your Business with Mary

Learn from rancher and entrepreneur, Mary Heffernan of Five Marys Farms. 

With more than 20 years experience as a small business entrepreneur, Mary has been teaching other small business owners how to build successful and profitable businesses as part of the M5 Entrepreneurs courses for the past five years.

Since starting their ranch, Mary has grown her Instagram audience to more than 200,000 followers, her farm store customer list has more than 30,000 customers and her emails reach more than 45,000 subscribers every week.


Three Rivers Farms

When we first started getting serious about buying our place we thought, "who are we to deserve this." Then I unpacked that a little and had the opportunity to think over the business we've built in the past 2.5 years as a direct result of taking an M5 Entrepreneurs course and tonight I told my husband, "of course we deserve this, we worked butts off."

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