M5 "RANCH TO RETAIL" Virtual Course


Learn about the story of how we built Five Marys into successful direct-to-consumer ranching operation, our journey to selling and shipping our ranch raised beef, pork and lamb, how we feed & finish 500+ beef cattle year-round on the ranch (as well as pastured pork and heritage lamb), how we built our customer base, navigated shipping operations and logistics, built a direct to consumer website, and more recently how we designed, engineered, permitted and built from the ground up - a custom USDA butcher plant and options for USDA Mobile Kill Trailers or using another facility for harvest only. Learn more about how we built our audience, reach millions of people every year, sell to tens of thousands of customers every year and find creative ways to grow and make a first generation ranching operation profitable. We'll share the numbers involved in building a processing facility, shipping logistics as well as a "should you do it" checklist and host a LIVE Q&A for your questions - plus ongoing access to ask questions and get feedback in our M5 community.




*RANCH OPERATIONS TOUR - a virtual but in-depth tour of our facilities at Five Marys, including rotational pastures and uniquely designed pivot gates, our feeding pens, ration mixing, annual patterns for raising beef year round and on-ranch operations

*CUSTOM MEAT CO BUTCHERY TOUR - tour our first-rate meat processing plant, built in 2021 and designed with high-end dry-aging rooms. We'll take you behind-the-scenes on how it works, our "medium size plant" design versus bigger and smaller versions we considered, how this was our third permitted location and why we chose it, staffing, operations, USDA requirements and more

*USDA MOBILE KILL TRAILER TOUR - Tour a Friesla mobile USDA kill trailer and learn more about options for harvest that don’t need to be onsite or built by you, the numbers involved in building, buying a mobile unit or using another facility for custom USDA kill, chill & quarter.

*FARM STORE TOUR - see our streamlined but homespun set-up and logistics for shipping over 20,000 insulated boxes of our meats, on dry-ice from our farm store in our small town. Understand relationships and rate negotiations with shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx and how to make shipping more affordable, as well as sourcing for the best custom liners for shipping boxes and recycling them for multiple uses.

*TEST KITCHEN TOUR - how we built a space to create recipes to share with and build a larger audience to encourage new customers to order our meats, including behind-the-scenes on Mary's internationally published best-selling cookbook "Five Marys Ranch Raised Cookbook" and the real story on cookbook publishing versus self published content.

*FIVE MARYS BURGERHOUSE RESTAURANT TOUR - thinking of adding a restaurant or food service component to your operation to serve your own meat. We'll give you the behind-the-scenes tour and a look at struggles and financial numbers involved.

*SHOULD YOU DO IT?! - Basic numbers and hurdles to consider - should you build a USDA meat plant and/or sell and ship direct-to-consumer?

*LIVE Q&A - with Brian & Mary - ask us your questions!

*LIFETIME ACCESS to all content, videos, tours, materials and more.


$579 per seat (multiple people from same business can share one seat)

*content will be available starting June 24, 2022 with one module released each week on Friday

*additional $99/year to join the M5 Entrepreneurs community for support, access to questions, feedback and insider deals and insight on the business of ranching/farming and being an entrepreneur in agriculture.


It's the first behind-the-scenes logistics & operations for "RANCH TO RETAIL" M5 WORKSHOP!



This Virtual Workshop will be geared towards those with farm or ranch raised products interested in selling direct-to-consumers, selling online and shipping perishable goods and who might be interested in or want more information on the possibility of building your own USDA butchery. This course includes tours of all of the M5 facilities, direct questions for Mary & Brian on how they've built a successful direct-to-consumer ranching business and more!

This virtual tour and course covers everything we've learned in 8+ years building a vertically integrated successful direct-to-consumer operation from the ground up.

We share behind-the-scenes numbers, hurdles and what has worked or hasn't worked in our business model to develop a plan for profitability & success adaptable to yours.

Learn more about direction and methods on connecting and building an audience for sales, consumer driven content creation, publishing cookbooks, opening a restaurant or hospitality stays to grow your brand and more.


Workshop Attendee Nikki Callison of CALLISON RANCH Opened a Ranch Market to Sell & Ships her Beef all over the US

Nikki and her husband Roger run Callison Ranch Beef in Oklahoma and they have an incredibly inspiring story.

I’m honored to call Nikki a friend after she came to a Workshop in March and we stayed up until the wee hours working on Adobe creative skills and talking about our families and our pasts. Her’s is a story full of heartache and redemption and so worth a read at #callisonranchstory.

Nikki has grown Callison Ranch Beef by leaps and bounds and is shipping and making local deliveries with her ranch raised beef and recently built and opened Callison Ranch Market - a beautiful full service market selling their beef and western goods.

"Attending the M5 Workshop was a turning point in our business. It gave me the tools and courage I needed to take some big steps forward and helped us build a strong foundation and successful business."

- Nikki Callison, Callison Ranch Beef

Workshop Attendee Amy Rhodes of SALT RIVER RANCH IN UTAH - Ships Her Products All Across the Country

Amy came to the 2019 Workshop in Fort Jones as a recent transplant to Wyoming from Southern California. She and her family were raising Hereford cattle for seedstock breeding programs - but Amy had big dreams to sell their ranch raised Salt River Ranch beef direct-to-consumer! 

We worked together to come up with a plan for her success and Amy learned the steps to success through beautiful branding, a super solid ecommerce website, shipping practices and even opened a Salt River Ranch store on their ranch is Star Valley Wyoming - with guest stays coming soon!

"The M5 Workshop and joining the M5 Small Business Accelerator has hands down been the best investment we've made in our business - and it continues to help guide and direct us to profitability and success as we grow."

- Amy Rhodes, Salt River Ranch

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