M5 Beginning Business Boot Camp

Beginning Business Boot Camp is a 15-lesson mini course to get you started or ensure the foundations of your existing small business are strong. This is a great place to start the M5 Academy suite of courses.

A jam-packed course to learn the basics to launch a profitable business in as little as two weeks or 15 lessons. Includes how to find a niche, identify profit margins that make sense, creating a logo and brand, building a website and much more. This course applies to ANY business in any arena, including but not limited to agriculture.

The BEST place to start and worth it’s weight on gold! Self-paced to access for 12 months and includes a Boot Camp community for ongoing encouragement on your path to profit in your own business.

This mini course does not include the nitty-gritty on online sales and shipping, that is in the Small Business from Scratch.

Enrollment in Beginning Business Boot Camp at $399 will be fully credited to enrollment in the full M5 Entrepreneurs 



Open Enrollment. 



$99/month x 4


Open Enrollment. 



Build a Strong Foundation

The M5 Beginning Business Boot Camp is the best place to start to build your business with a strong foundation, make sure you have all of the fundamentals covered to create a profitable and successful business and to start to build a BRAND.

Once you are registered, the online course is accessible on any laptop, device or phone and includes one lesson each day with a video taught by Mary, context to read through, a homework assignment to complete and some motivation to keep pushing. You can work through each lesson each day, or at your own pace - you have access to all the material for a full year.

The day you register you will be sent your login profile to start the online course. A new lesson is released each day for 15 days and the community is open for you to ask questions, be accountable and find support.


15 lessons to help you create a profitable business in just two weeks.

Day 1 : Got an Idea - Find Your Niche

Day 2 : Pick a Solid Name

Day 3 : Design a Logo and Brand Board

Day 4 : Write A Business Plan

Day 5 : Create an Instagram

Day 6 : Create a Facebook Page

Day 7 : Build a Website

Day 8 : Make Marketing Materials

Day 9 : How to Sell & Be Profitable

Day 10 : Start Your Email List

Day 11 : Creating Great Content

Day 12 : Editing Your Photos & Videos

Day 13 : A 30-day Content Creation Calendar

Day 14 : Setting Goals to Hit Profitability

Final : You Are Making Money! What’s Next?


Beginning Business Boot Camp for YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS

READY TO LAUNCH your journey as a young entrepreneur? Got an idea for a business but don't know where to start? WE CAN HELP!

Course access will be sent the same day you enroll - one lesson released each day for 15 days.
All content available for one year from date of purchase (or longer if you join Small Business from Scratch after Boot Camp) and material is self paced to catch up, start later or work through at your own pace. Each day of content includes a video lesson, as well as a written outline material and a homework assignment. Can be completed in 15 days or 365 days!
Beginning Business Community Membership included complimentary (for one year minimum) to interact with Mary as instructor as well as other members of this course to find support, ask questions, get feedback, refine ideas and help push you to grow your business and find profit.

Content to Help Your Business Grow