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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER : All of the information, content and materials provided here is intended for general informational purposes only and therefore should not be relied upon as tax or legal advice in any manner.  You must consult a qualified attorney or CPA with regard to your particular operations and circumstances, especially since laws, rules and regulations change often and vary significantly throughout the United States. 

Insurance, Permits & Coverage

Insurance, Permits, Trademarks & Coverage

This workshop contains video, audio and text lessons on how to keep you, your business and assets covered.  It provides in-depth information on business liability, insurance, entity formation, and trademarking your name.  The workshop includes an interactive workbook that provides plenty of space to take notes and set goals in addition to multiple insurance checklists. 


  • Workbook & Workbook notes
  • Liability and Insurance Overview
  • Insurance : Covering Your Tail Podcast with Mary & Ann
  • Entity Formation : LLC's and Corps
  • Business Insurance Breakdown
  • Permits & Licensing for Selling Meat & Other Food Products
  • Trademark Your Name
  • G5 Agency : Insurance Checklist
  • Business Updates & Renewal Checklist


What People Are Saying:

The information in this workshop is SO valuable to protect the business I am building. There were considerations I hadn't even thought of and I feel so much more confident after gaining the knowledge from this course for the longevity of my business.