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Building Your Website & ECommerce Platforms

A strong website is an essential part of almost every business... you CAN and should build your own easily with these tools!

  • Your website is your opportunity to have a 24/7 "always open" location for visitors around the world to visit  anytime they want.

  • A good website makes your business look professional and represents your brand well. 

  • This workshop teaches you how to build a good website with visual consistency that is on-brand and keeps web visitors coming back for more!  It provides in-depth information on SEO and Google Analytics. 

  • The workshop also includes an interactive workbook with website content brainstorming, guides on how to use Shopify and Squarespace and also provides plenty of space to take notes and set goals.


  • Ecommerce Platforms Overview
  • WHY Build Your Own Website
  • 10 Step Guide To Shopify
  • Squarespace 101 - Building Your First Site
  • Shopify E-Commerce
  • Elements of a Good Website
  • Creating Visual Consistency & Branding Your Website
  • SEO & Why It's Important
  • Google Analytics & Driving Traffic to Your Site
  • Websites and Storytelling
  • Keeping Your Website Visitors Coming Back for More

What People Are Saying:

I was skeptical that I could actually build my own website for me new beef business... I really wanted to hire someone but this course convinced me I could do it myself. I am SO GLAD I DID! I LOVE the flexibility to edit my site everyday and it was so much easier to do than I thought. I learned everything in this workshop!!

Kat @ Doverspike Beef