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Getting Started in Agriculture

This workshop covers ALL the bases in starting an agriculture-based business, focused on selling your product direct-to-consumer through markets, delivery or shipping to reach the widest customer base. Interviews with Mary & Brian on how to get started, finances, land, animals, generating a profit, how to sell & ship your product and SO much more!


  • Getting Started in Agriculture podcast with Mary & Brian
  • Find Your Niche  
  • Start Small!  
  • Choosing the Best Name for Your Business  
  • Designing a Logo & Branding Your Business
  • Building a Website  
  • A Business Plan  
  • Creating Marketing Materials  
  • How to Find a Profit  
  • Setting Goals to Get It Done  
  • The Master Selling & Shipping Checklist
  • Raising Livestock Year Round for a Premium Product 
  • Working with Your Butcher or Processor
  • Photographing Your Own Meat Cuts 
    Getting Organized to Ship
  • Five Marys Farm Store, Retail Shop and Shipping Operations 
  • Investing in Yourself & Your Business

What People Are Saying:

The MASTER CHECKLIST is a pot of literal gold!!! Anyone looking to sell their products direct to consumer, especially in agriculture - needs this workshop and all the resources it holds! 100%!

This workshops was exactly what we needed to get us off the ground. So many of our questions and concerns were answered - Brian and Mary shared so much knowledge, the course paid for our investment in it ten-fold. If you are starting out, early in your operation or want to start - START HERE!"