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Small Business Branding

Small Business Branding

Your small business brand is so much more than your logo!  This workshop teaches you how to build an identifiable brand that stands the test of time and appeals to your ideal customer.

The workshop gives you space to brainstorm your brand’s mission and values, message, and aesthetics. 

It includes an interactive workbook that provides plenty of space to take notes, walks you through developing your own unique brand, and allows you to set goals on integrating it into every aspect of your business.


  • Welcome & Workbook Notes
  • Small Business Branding : The Basics
  • A Strong Name & Trademarks
  • Designing a Logo & Brand Feel
  • Branding Design 101
  • Creating Marketing Materials
  • Building a Community to Build Your Brand
  • Brand Strategy Interview with Brian Bennett : Creative Director @ Carhartt
  • Branding a Business with Brook Hickle of Rocking Bar H
  • Digital Marketing for Small-Town Small Business w Molly Knuth
  • Brand Photography with Della of Circle Bar Co
  • Where to Print Branded Materials
  • TOOLBOX: How to Use Canva
  • TOOLBOX : Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

What People Are Saying:

There is so much more to branding a small business than we ever imagined. This course helped us start out on the right foot as we started to grow our business - I know we will be coming back to this workshop content for a long time as we continue! We really enjoyed the interview with the Carhartt creative director - thanks for including that one!

Steve & Sarah - Ranchers