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Hiring & Managing Employees

Hiring & Managing Employees

Employees add a whole new level of complexity, time management and expense to businesses.  This workshop teaches the best practices for hiring and managing employees, so that when it is time, you can find the right match for your small business and start to develop a hiring process that is fast, effective and... legal!  This workshop provides in-depth lessons on recruiting, onboarding employees, payroll, workers compensation insurance, and how to be a good employer.  It also contains an interactive workbook with plenty of space to take notes and set goals. 


  • Workbook & Workbook Notes
  • Hiring & Managing Employees 
  • Hiring & Managing Employees Overview  
  • Before Your Hire Your First Employee 
  • When It's Time To Hire 
  • Recruiting Hiring & Onboarding
  • Hiring & Onboarding Payroll 
  • Payroll Workers Compensation Insurance  
  • Being A Good Employer 
  • PODCAST : Hire Slow, Fire Fast  
  • Resources from the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

What People Are Saying:

I had NO IDEA how much liability and risk I was taking on by hiring my first employees! This course taught me the systems and insurance I needed to have in place, how hire and on-board, where to run payroll, to make sure I had workers compensation and how to get off on the right foot (the sample employee manual and forms were so unbelievably helpful!) I am grateful for this knowledge and this course paid for itself ten-fold.

Julia P.