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Selling & Shipping

Intro to Selling & Shipping

Interested in selling your product online and shipping? This course will give you all the basics for selling and shipping online, including shipping perishables, ship rates, how to calculate shipping charges, packaging, packing and more!



  • Selling, Shipping & ECommerce with Mary
  • Shipping Perishables with Mary
  • Getting Organized to Ship
  • Notes on Shipping Perishable Products
  • How to Push a Sale When You Need To
  • Packing Strategy
  • Free Shipping vs. Shipping Charges
  • Systems and Assembly Lines
  • Customization in Packing
  • Know What You're Shipping
  • Five Marys Farm Store, Retail Shop and Shipping Operations
  • Holiday Gift Boxes and Prepping Inventory with Amy

What People Are Saying:

I feel so much more empowered as a business owner knowing what I do from this workshop! I can finally get the numbers and ideas in my head to make sense on a spreadsheet too! :) LOVED both interviews - super valuable and I keep coming back to this one.

Heather R.