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Raising Capable Kids


Raising Capable Kids 

Kids are so much more capable than we tend to give them credit for. I learned by necessity to raise my expectations of my children and the result was life changing - for all of us! This workshop includes our story of moving to the ranch and what I learned about raising capable kids with lessons that apply to any scenario or lifestyle - as well as a podcast on working with kids, some organization tips, chores and caretaking ideas and inspiration and even a CPR & First Aid lesson for you and your kids!


  • Raising Capable Kids in Small Business
  • Mary & Ann on Parenting and BusinessStruggles & Successes of Raising Kids and Growing a Business
  • PART 1 : Our Story and Motivation
  • PART 2 : The Big Move to The Ranch
  • PART 3 : Raise Your Expectations
  • PART 4 : Parenting Capable Kids
  • Printable Chore Charts : "The Daily Dozen"
  • Ranch School Lesson : Chores & Caretaking
  • Chores on The Ranch
  • Encouraging Kids : An Entrepreneur Activity
  • All Things Organization with Betsy
  • Ranch School Chores & Caretaking Activities
  • First Aid & CPR Training


What People Are Saying:

There were so many nuggets of wisdom in this workshop that I applied to my own marriage and partnership!! I love the podcast talk with Mary and Ann and the tips on team parenting too. Thanks for all of this!!!